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WINNER! Classic & Sports Car / Lancaster Insurance NEC Awards Ceremony 2014


We are delighted to announce that Michael Allen of The Rover P6 Club has been awarded the one of the most prestigious awards at the Classic & Sports Car / Lancaster Insurance NEC Awards ceremony.

The incredible turn-around of the Rover P6 Club in the last two years has been noticed by more than just our membership, and at the Classic & Sports Car Club Award ceremony on 15 November, in front of representatives of 250 Classic Car Clubs, Michael Allen was awarded the first ever award for "Best Contribution by a Youngster".

Michael, someone who in most other Clubs would be constrained to their "young persons group" bought his first P6 in 2010, aged 22. He rebuilt the engine, optimising it for modern fuels and creating his daily driver. In 2012 when hearing a call for help on the committee, Michael stepped up to the plate to handle Regalia, advertising and joining the Editorial team. For Regalia, Michael set up a "just in time" delivery service from suppliers to ensure that the Club did not hold excessive levels of stock, sometimes having the supplier post items directly to the purchaser, he developed the artwork for the new range of key-rings incorporating the exact Rover logos, and he designed the 50th Anniversary grille badge. In editorial capacity, Michael had written many of our technical articles including top end performance of the 4 cylinder, batteries, wiper delay mechanisms, steering boxes and recommissioning to name a few. Without Michael's enthusiasm and knowledge we would not have caught up the backlog of magazines that we inherited in 2012. For advertising, with Michael's knowledge of the media industry, a proper advertising rate card was introduced creating a correct and proper process.

The re-branding that the Club has gone through over the last two years including the magazine, the website, advertising, banners, membership cards, business cards etc are all Michaels work. His vision of digital graphics is exactly what the Club has needed for very many years. A common professional brand image ensures that the Rover P6 Club is always recognisable, the members, non members and the media alike.

In September 2014, not content with the volume of work it takes to produce 6 issues of Driving Force every year, Michael instigated the eNewsletter to be issued on odd numbered months to ensure that all Club members receive Club content every month of the year.

It is no coincidence that throughout the period of Michael's involvement in the committee, Club membership has swelled to levels never heard of before. We are all very proud to have Michael Allen, age 27, as our Club Secretary.

C&SC Award Michael Allen Best Contribution by a Youngster


Words by Brian Humphreys

Photograph by James Page, editor of Classic & Sports Car, Haymarket Consumer Media




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