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Following the launch of The Rover P6 Club blog on 7 May 2015, Classic Car Weekly picked up on our blog and published extracts of one of our first posts titled "Is Facebook Really Killing the Classic Car Club" just 6 days later on 13 May.........

Classic Car Weekly Rover P6 Club

Facebook has long been blamed in some circles for the demise of the traditional classic car club. In The Rover P6 Club, we think that we might be unique in how we embrace Social Media into a fully integrated online strategy - it's certainly paying off with the unprecidented rate of Club growth since we started down this path.

Our blog "Managing Classic Car Clubs in the Digital Era" , split into 14 parts to be written over the course of 2015, documents our strategy, our reasoning, and our statistical evidence that it works. We wanted to document this for the benefit of the whole classic car industry in the hope that if others are struggling, that they could use some of our techniques and we hope that it will also bring them the same benefits.

Our blog can be found at the following link, all articles in the blog are listed in chronological order - the most recent first. you might find it beneficial to start at the bottom and work your way through.

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