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Some of you might remember in the May 2014 issue of Driving Force we gave you a sneak preview of the new Club website. It's now here and fully live... as you can see. Besides bringing a more up to date user interface, cleaner graphics and improved branding in line with Driving Force magazine, there are a number of new benefits...


Technology integration and flexible webpages

Mobile phone viewIt doesn't matter what size your screen is, you can view the Rover P6 Club website on a large smart TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The Rover P6 Club website is integrated for all technologies and the information will be clearly displayed.

The webpage will flex to provide a readable well laid-out page without annoying horizontal scroll bars. For small screens (e.g. smart phones) the main content will be displayed first followed by the sidebars (extra menus, events summaries etc) which will be displayed at the bottom. As you can see from the picture on the left, even the menus will automatically reduce to drop down lists to enable easy, flexible, readable web browsing from your smart phone.

Accessing Club content has now never been easier, whether you need access to the events page, join the club, renew membership or checking the technical pages. Everything can be done from home or on the move.


New way to pay

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Following feedback from many members on the comments section of the renewal form, some have struggled with the WorldPay online system to pay their membership subscriptions. Everyone seems to want PayPal, so that's exactly what we have done. The simplicity of PayPal gives us all the same benefits as WorldPay, but it is a system in which most of us are already familiar, and has additional benefits to the Club. Operating costs are lower so more of your membership fee goes to benefit the Club and our treasurer is now in control of when the money can be brought to the Club bank account without incurring the in-built delays of WorldPay. We hope to extend the new PayPal functionality in the future to allow you to buy regalia and pay for Club organised shows and rallies.


Social media integration


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Love it or loathe it, social media has become a core part of our digital lives. The reality of the interconnected world 
is here to stay, and this gives us more avenues to spread the word about the Rover P6 and our Club. In our new website we have Twitter, Facebook Like and Facebook Share buttons at the bottom of every article. Please click on them, tweet them, share them on your timeline (and your friends) and help to spread the word. By sharing our website content like this more people will come to visit our website and interest in the car and our club will increase and that can only be a good thing. If you're not yet on Facebook, it really isn't just for the new generation, many of our members only use Facebook for the Club page, give it a try and decide for yourself.


Improved easy to access menus

The menu system has been completely revised. Menus now highlight when the mouse is rolled over and submenus automatically drop down to access nested content.


Members only pagesmembers only

We have moved away from supplying every requesting member with a user ID and password in favour of a single password for everyone that will change on a regular basis. The administration required to manage unique user IDs/passwords was not working favourably for our membership. In this way, everyone will be able to access the restricted pages with nothing more than the latest copy of Driving Force to access the latest password. Every different page that you access will require the password to be re-entered, this is to ensure that the pages are secure even if pages are accessed directly with the URL, but you will only have to enter the password once for each page during each visit.


Events calendar

A much simpler fully integrated events calendar that is always up to date. A summary view is on the left hand side bar of each page or you can go to Out and About > Events for the full calendar. Clicking on an event will show you all the event information.


Contact forms

We are no longer relying on the inclusion of email addresses inside the webpages. A contact form ensures that we receive less spam and an email will be securely sent on your behalf to the Committee. There is an 'enquiry type' drop-down list that helps us to direct the message to the correct contact too.


The future

Looking to the future, we want to use the new functionality and ease of use to bring new services to all Rover P6 Club members. Some of the things that we're aiming to include in the near future are:

  • Technical information (key technical articles on common questions such as what oil, antifreeze, where to put jacks/axle stands, etc)
  • Parts cross reference tables
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Chassis / Engine combinations through the years
  • Regalia, shows and rallies paid by Paypal
  • Improved Gallery functionality and slideshows
  • News tickers on the home page

If there is something that you would like to see on your website, please suggest it on the Contact the Club menu. We'd love to hear your feedback.

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