SelectaDNA Offer from FBHVC

Being a member club of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs enables us to bring this offer to all members of the Rover P6 Club. The FBHVC is endorsing the SelectaDNA product which you can use to securly mark your car. This product is different to other marking products in that each bottle of liquid is unique. Suspended in the colourless liquid are tiny microdots which carry a DNA code that can be quickly read by the Police. Application takes only a few minutes and once applied your vehicle is invisibly marked for life. It is visible under ultra violet light and can be decoded by the Police. Your unique DNA code is held on a central database so that your property, once identified, can be returned to you.

SelectaDNA is endorsed by Thatcham, the Home Office and is recommended by the Association of Police Officers. The Police also use it to mark their own vehicles (presumably the plain ones!)

This product is just one of many ways we can all use to safeguard our vehicles, if any member is interested in purchasing a kit, they cost £29.90 which looks like a £20 discount according to the SelectaDNA website. Fill in the form and send it off with a cheque direct to the FBHVC. Because this product is only available to members, you do need to provide the FBHVC with your Club membership number.

Further information can be obtained from the FBHVC.


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