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It's been six months since we launched our new website and what an impact it has had. We've been monitoring usage, and since the launch, we are experiencing a good steady stream of visitors.

Some interesting statistics include:

  • 1,700 visitors per month
  • 4,500 page views per month
  • 1,000 new visitors per month

This is also more interesting when you realise that 500 of these visitors are outside of the UK, so we're getting a good stream of website guests from all over the world. This has also been reflected in our overseas membership which has increased by a whopping 55% in 6 months.

Coupled with this, we've found that our "mobile strategy" of ensuring a good experience on all screen sizes is paying dividends.............

According to the analytics 40-50% of all visitors are using a mobile phone or tablet when viewing our website, so making it much easier for mobile users to view our site is key to its success so far. We've not been idle on the website in the last six months, with more content based information being included since launch. We have added technical articles, Club news, eNewsletter, galleries etc. Now it's time to re-think what needs to improve, and what other services you would like to see. Also, since our request in January, Paul Dagen has joined as webmaster and we're working on more services that you've been asking for. These include:

  • Enhanced Members' Only area. This was outstanding from our launch and we're planning more services to be brought to you in this way
  • eCommerce facility to buy regalia and show entries via Paypal
  • Electronic magazines. We're investigating and evaluating various technologies to bring Driving Force Magazine to your tablet device (or other medium) and a website viewer for those who would prefer it.
  • Specifications and trim levels of the P6 throughout production and more P6 related information

The electronic magazine is still in its early stages as there are many factors to consider. Magazines still need to be printed, so the audience, the presentation method, security and administration of this service need careful consideration.

If there is anything that you would like to see or services that you would like to use on our website, please do get in touch and let us know your ideas.

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